Delphinus Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts.

I help companies and organisations expand their reach by making their texts accessible worldwide.

Translation services

I specialise in medical and pharmaceutical translations and offer services from Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French into English, both UK and US.

My fields of specialisation include, but are not limited to, dermatology, oncology, cardiology and hospital discharge reports. I also have extensive experience translating clinical trials and regulatory documents.

I can handle multilingual documents to ensure that your research and services are accessible worldwide.

I have three decades of proven experience, numerous certifications and dozens of satisfied clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and academic sectors.

Francesca Matteoda, Delphinus Translations.

Editing, revision and proofreading services

My proofreading service covers a wide range of documents, from scientific articles to hospital discharge reports.

I focus on enhancing the clarity and quality of the text to facilitate its acceptance in prestigious scientific journals. I also ensure that the revised documents remain true to the original.

I never use automated or artificial intelligence resources. I prioritise human work, avoiding errors, demonstrating my commitment to each project, and guaranteeing the necessary confidentiality throughout the entire process.

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