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The purpose of this policy is to explain the use of cookies on this website in accordance with the legislation on services relating to the information society and e-commerce.


What are cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are text files that are generated by a web server and stored on the user’s computer/smartphone/tablet (hereinafter, device) when accessing certain websites, in order to store and recover information about the user’s browsing activity on that device. Cookies can also consist of a code that allows the user to be accurately identified while browsing. They can store information about a user’s device or their browsing sessions of the websites they have visited, such as the page visited, the internet connection time and other information depending on the type of cookie.


The use of cookies for website browsing therefore makes it possible to obtain information on a user’s browsing habits; improve the user’s browsing experience; obtain statistics on how the user has made use of the website; and other information such as the browser used, the number of pages visited, the number of visits made, tracking the user’s movements around a website, the time spent on the website or on a specific page, filling and emptying the shopping cart, and other information; geolocate the user through the connected device’s geolocation (information about the region and, potentially, in some countries, the user’s specific location); measure the effectiveness of email campaigns and improve service features for specific user segments, particularly users who have subscribed to receive electronic advertising communications and newsletters; determine whether the recipients of electronic advertising communications have opened them and used any links contained in them for each recipient, such as clicking on links contained in emails, using the information obtained to produce follow-up reports on the campaign.


This website uses both first-party and third-party cookies. Users can find specific information about these cookies below.


How is the use of cookies authorised on our website?

With regard to the use of cookies on this website, as a user you authorise and consent to the use of cookies in the following way:


The user accepts the use of cookies used on this website for the purposes indicated in this policy by selecting the desired option and clicking on the “Accept selection” button or, to accept all the cookies listed in the first tier of information, by clicking on the “Accept all” button.


Despite the initial acceptance of the use of cookies when browsing our website, the user may withdraw their consent at any time, disabling and rejecting their use, as explained in the relevant paragraph of this policy, or by clicking on the Cookies button at the foot of each page.


In all cases the user has control over the cookies, as they are stored in the browser on the user’s device. At any time, therefore, the user can read, filter, opt out and delete them.


Which third-party cookies does this website use and for what purpose?


Third-Party Solutions



Privacy Policy and options

Google Analytics

Location: Google Maps provides a mapping service. It records the users location and the keywords used. It generates a unique prefix for analytical purposes. Analytics: Google provides anonymous data on visits to the website. Videos: YouTube allows for videos to be uploaded and viewed. It uses cookies to measure views and record events. Social Interaction: Google allows information from the website to be shared on its Google+ social network.

Google Inc.


Opt out


Social Interaction: allows the website to be shared on social media.


Adobe Omniture

Analytics: Omniture provides anonymous data on visits to our website and enables us to run tests and determine how to configure the website for our users.

Adobe Systems Incorporated


Video website

Google Inc.


Facebook Like, Comments, Feed

Facebook Inc.


Follow Us

Facebook Inc.

How can the user opt out of, disable or delete the cookies used on our website?

The user is free to prevent or opt out of the use of cookies, and to disable and delete them at any time with regard to browsing this website.


Most web browsers have user preference settings about cookies that can be modified at any time. The user can configure the settings in their browser to reject cookies or delete certain cookies of their choice.


To adjust the settings for our cookies (allow, block or delete cookies) and other third-party cookies, users can adjust the settings of the web browser installed on their computer.






Internet Explorer…





The links shown provide instructions on how the user can withdraw their consent to the use of cookies (most commonly used browsers).


To disable cookies, and data storage and recovery devices individually, the Ghostery extension can be installed in the browser.


The user must take into account that certain features of this website’s content are only available if they allow cookies to be installed in their browser. If the user decides not to accept or to block certain cookies (depending on their purpose), this may affect, totally or partially, how the website normally functions, or prevent access to certain services that it contains.


Updating and modifying the Cookie Policy

The data controller may modify this Cookie Policy depending on changes made to how cookies are used on this website, new legal requirements or to adapt the policy to instructions issued by the supervisory authority, specifically the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


Significant changes may therefore be made to this Cookie Policy, and any changes will be published in said policy. However, it is the user’s responsibility to access this Cookie Policy on a regular basis to determine if any changes have been made, regardless of whether users are informed of any such policy changes by means of a notice posted on the website or by any other means.

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